Half the Sky – book review

By: davidtayco

Jun 03 2012

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What an emotional read. This book Half the Sky: Turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sherry WuDunn is one of the most riveting books I had to read for a class.  The stories of prostitution, child abuse, rape, sex trafficking, and other people do to harm women emotionally, mentally and physically are just a handful of situations that happen around the world.  Both Nicholas D. Kristof and Sherry WuDunn present such horrible situations.  I have been blind to see such incidents that have occurred not just in other countries but here in the United States and in the local community that I now live in. 

The introduction of this book starts with a simple but powerful quote “What would men be without women? Scarce, sir, mighty scarce” – Mark Twain. 

Maybe this is a book that should be a requirement for everybody to read. How would men treat women after this?  Can you imagine, if people were to read this, the spousal abuse, and crime against women would drop drastically.  I had read parts of this book before our WebEx session with Dr. Lani Frazier and Dr. Julie Natividad.  After listening to Natividad explain the stories and speaking more from the heart and emotion got me to read it again and to be more open to the problems.  I could not put this book down and at times I had to pause and take a moment before returning to the book.  It is an emotional book that hits home for a lot of us.  I highly recommend this book for all.